Forbidden Love

It’s hard when you meet a kindred spirit and connect on many levels, but neither of you are free, and neither of you want to be free as you are both happy in your lives. But the love grows. A mutual respect. Not a sexual love, but a coming together of Spirit.  And so the story begins.

Clandestine meetings at Samuels Piano rehearsal rooms in Edgware Road. Listening to you play the Grand Piano so elegantly. Loving glances, and a twinkle in your eye.  Singing together all the old classics of yesteryear. Me sighing so loudly at the beauty of your playing and your musical knowledge.

Meals out where we discussed Dylan Thomas and read poetry to one another.

Classical concerts. The Theatre.

A red rose, now dried and pressed in a book.

Emails, letters, photo’s and poems sent by us both.

Five  years of a forbidden mutual platonic love and then suddenly nothing.

Scared and knowing in my heart what I would find, I searched your name.  It took some doing, it was such a small mention on a now defunct page, but showed up in the search. My dearest friends name, and Funeral to be held on December 15th.

A dagger to my heart, a gasp for breath, tears welling in my eyes.  We never got to say goodbye.  We will never share such spiritually, loving fulfilling meetings again.  The other woman, left to grieve alone.

“I’ll find you in the morning sun, And when the night is new, I’ll be looking at the moon, But I’ll be seeing you.”rose_056